Boots are an essential part of a girl’s wardrobe, doesn’t matter if you’re a city girl or cowgirl, it’s worth looking after them.

Booty Shapers are a simple and attractive way to protect boots all year round. Boots sag when they’re not worn, resulting in creasing and premature wear. With Booty Shapers, the inflatable boot supports slip into boots when stored in a cupboard, box or – heaven forbid – tossed in the bedroom corner.

It’s a practical concept discovered by boot aficionado Miriam McKay on one of her many global shopping pilgrimages, this time to Japan. She saw the idea expressed half-heartedly by the ever-efficient-in-packaging Japanese – they managed a major advance on the age old scrappy newspaper or straggly piece of cardboard stuffed in a girl’s Guccis.

The supports Miriam found in Japan were purely functional and rather boring; she knew the idea had enormous potential. She came back and developed the idea into Booty Shapers.