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  • Protect boots from bending and creasing.
  • Great travel accessory – prevents your boots from getting squashed in your suitcase.
  • Reusable and ideal for summer storage.
  • Ideal for all boot styles and lengths.
  • Contours to shape and won't stretch leather.
  • Keeps your wardrobe neat and organised.
  • The ultimate visual merchandising aid for shoe shops or boutiques.

Size: Large
Dimensions: 37 cm tall
Material: PVC

Out of stock

Simple, Attractive & Versatile

Boots sag when they’re not worn, resulting in creasing and premature wear.

With Booty Shapers, the inflatable boot supports slip into boots when stored in a cupboard, box or – heaven forbid – tossed in the bedroom corner.


How do they Work?

Simply squeeze the valve and blow to inflate. They can easily be inflated by using your mouth. If you have a lot to blow up, I’d recommend using a pump (otherwise you might get a little tired!).

Booty Shapers allow your boots to be stored upright or in a box & prevent premature creasing & bending

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Dimensions 5 x 3 x 3 cm


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